CV_Maiju Loukola





2014     Doctor of Arts, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Film, Tv and Scenography (abbr. Aalto ARTS ELO) (Topic of dissertation: Vähän väliä - näyttämön mediaalisuus ja kosketuksen arkkitehtuuri [Anywhere Near – mediality on stage and the architectures of touch]. Consisting of a theoretical part/monograph and six artistic works.  Approved with distinction)

2000     Master of Arts, Aalto ARTS ELO (Topic of MA thesis: My Heart Belongs to Daddy. Skenografisia oireita ja dokumentteja [My Heart Belongs To Daddy. Scenographic symptoms and documents], consisting of a written thesis and a performance premiering in 1998 in the Ateneum Hall Helsinki.



Excellent skills in Finnish and English. Swedish skills are fluent/good. French skills are fair.



2021– University lecturer at the Doctoral Programme in Fine Arts at the UNIARTS Helsinki

2021–2024 Project researcher in City as Space of Rules and Dereaming (Kaupunki sääntöjen ja uneksunnan tilana), funded by the KONE FOUNDATION (2021–2024). Sites of research: Helsinki University/Faculty of Law, UNIARTS Helsinki/Doctoral Programme in Fine Arts,  and Performing Arts Research Center Tutke at the UNIARTS.

2017–2021 Project researcher (Postdoc), Floating Peripheries – mediating the sense of place, funded by the Academy of Finland (Sites of research: Aalto ARTS ELO / Dept. of Film and Scenography and ViCCA Visual Cultures and Contemporary Art, with a sub-project at the University of Lapland Faculty of Art and design). (The applicant ML is the responsible grantwriter of the consortium application)

2019 Research and teaching visit, Universität der Künste UdK Berlin, Germany, December 2019

2019 Researcher-artist's visit, Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle / OuLiPo, Paris, March 2019

2019 Researcher-artist's visit/planning meeting of collaboration with M. Jacques Rancière,  Paris, March 2019

2018 Research visit, Universität der Künste UdK Berlin, Germany, December 2018

2018 Research visit, A.S.F.A. Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece, August 2018

2018 Research visit/residency, Finnish Institute at Athens, Greece, July 2018

2016 Research visit, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, July 2016

2015–2017 Postdoctoral researcher, Aalto ARTS/ELO

2013–2014 Project researcher, Hidden Cities, a project deploying site-specific performance and pervasive gaming in urban space. Test project by Aalto ARTS ELO, Aalto University SCI Dept. of Information and Computer Science, Technology Academy of Finland, Helsinki Institute of Information Technology (HIIT)

2009–2012 Project researcher (Doctoral candidate), Figures of Touch, 4-year research project funded by the Academy of Finland (Sites of research: Aalto ARTS, Theatre Academy, Helsinki University and University of Linköping)

2008–2010 Research assistant (Doctoral candidate), Aalto ARTS, ELO

2016 Artist residency, Sfakiotes Residency, August 2016, Greece

2014 Research visit, Stockholm University of Arts with participation in research workshop-performance organized by Poste Restante in Loitering with Intent Society for Artistic Research (SAR) event. Stockholm University of Arts, Stockholm, Sweden, March 2014

2014 Research visit, Danish Institute, Rome and Teatro Potlach, Fara Sabina. Organiser of Citta Invisibili workshop in Spacing Performance Symposium (with D. Hannah), Rome, Italy January 2014

2008 Artist residency, Finnish Artists’ Association residency, Grassina, Italy. 1.7.–1.9.2008

2007 Research visit, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge School of Art, March 2007, UK

2005 Artist residency, Finnish Artists’ Association residency, Grassina, Italy 1.6.–31.7.2005


2020 Reviewer of doctoral applications, Aalto ARTS, ELO
2020- Doctoral thesisi advisor of Monica Raya, Aalto ARTS, ELO
2020- Doctoral thesis advisor of Danai Anagnostou, Aalto ARTS, ELO
2020 Peer-reviewer of articles and expositions (4) for academic journals

2019 Reviewer of doctoral applications, Aalto ARTS, ELO

2019 Reviewer of conference papers, Cumulus conference, University of Lapland 2019

2018 Reviewer of conference papers, Floating Peripheries Conference, ULAP Jan 2019

2018 Reviewer of doctoral applications, Aalto ARTS, ELO

2017–(ongoing) Member of editorial board, RUUKKU Studies for Artistic Research, refereed online journal

2017–(ongoing) Member of editorial board, Tiede & Edistys multidisciplinary journal

2017 Referee for Art of Research Conference, Aalto ARTS

2017 Reviewer of doctoral applications, Aalto ARTS, ELO

2017 Moderator/Chair, Art of Research Conference, Aalto ARTS, 29-30.11.2017 (Body and Material)

2017 Reviewer (2 x ) for RUUKKU: Studies in Artistic Research

2016 Reviewer for IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) 2017 Conference

2016 Pre-examiner of doctoral dissertation, artistic production, Aalto ARTS Art Department (Marika Orenius)

2016 Reviewer (2 x ) for RUUKKU: Studies in Artistic Research

2016- Doctoral thesisi advisor of Adriana Guiman, ELO

2016 Reviewer of doctoral applications, Aalto ARTS, ELO

2015 Reviewer for Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)

2015 Reviewer for RUUKKU: Studies in Artistic Research

2015– Doctoral thesisi advisor of Tuuli Seppälä, ELO

2008– Examiner and supervisior of numerous MA theses at Aalto ARTS (ELO and the Department of Art: ViCCA/Visual Cultures and Contemporary Art) and Uniarts Helsinki's Theatre Academy (MA major in Choreography; MA in Live Art and Performance Studies LAPS; MA in Sound and Lighting design).



2015 Curator of the Finnish exhibition “Weather Station” in Prague Quadrennial of Performance design and Space, Prague, CZ. (The exhibition was awarded 1st prize for "Media in Performance" and nominated for the main award), 18–26 June 2015

2007–2016 National delegate, Oistat International Research Commission

2012– Member, Society of Artistic Research, SAR

2012– Member, Performance Philosophy Network


2019 Member of advisory group and initiator of Art and Evolution project. Performance Center [Esitystaiteen keskus a.k.a. Eskus]. With Esa Kirkkopelto, Saara Hannula and Hanna-Kaisa Tiainen

2016– Member of departmental committee for doctoral candidate selection, Aalto ARTS ELO

2017 Chair of the Prague Quadrennial 2019 jury in the 1st phase for the Finnish artist selection

2017–2018 Chair of Finnish Oistat Centre

2017 Evaluator, Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR) grants

2016 Member of departmental committee for doctoral candidate selection, Aalto ARTS ELO

2015– Member of the Research Steering Group, Aalto ARTS ELO

2015 Member of departmental committee for doctoral candidate selection, Aalto ARTS ELO

2014 Curator, WEATHER STATION PQ-pre-exhibition on sound/sound art in performance,

MUU Gallery Helsinki, 2–12 Oct 2014

2011–2012 Member of the Board, Finnish Theatre Research Association

2009–2010 Secretary and member of the Board, Finnish Theatre Research association

2006–2017 Member of the Board, Finnish Oistat Centre (International Organisation of performance designers, spatial artists and architects)

2004– Member, Artists’ Association MUU ry

2007–2012 Member, Finnish Society for Aesthetics



2020 Artistic intervention in an online workshop Indisciplinary Interventions: Introduction to Jacques Rancière's thinking of art and politics, with Tuomas Laitinen, Zoom/Helsinki, May 2020

2019 SKENE+GRAPHEIN / (a) writing (a) scene. A performative presentation in Convocation–expanded language practices in Research Pavilion #3: Research Ecologies Discursive events series. With Ivana Momçilovic and Liisa Ikonen. Venice, 17 June 2019.

2019 Foaming Exercises. Presentation in the Discursive events series of Research Pavilion #3 opening week program. In collaboration with Paul Cegys. Venice, 8–10 May 2019.

2019 God is in the Bubbles. Exercises on Polyspherical Spatiality. Presentation in Floating Peripheries Conference – Sites and Situations. University of Lapland, Rovaniemi 14–16 Jan 2019.

2018 Performance technologies and sensable experience / Esitysteknologiat ja aistikokemus. Invited keynote speech in “Theater Design: Digitalizing Scene”. Theatre Museum of Helsinki, 11 Nov 2019

2018 Terror Spaces, Foams. Presentation in Alliances and Commonalities Conference. Stockholm University of the Arts (SWE), 25–27 Oct 2018

2018 Organiser of working group (refereed): Emansipatorisia murtumia kaupunkitilassa [Emancipatory fractures in urban space]. In Urban Research Days 2018: Alternative cities. In collaboration with Ari Hirvonen (Department of Law, Helsinki University). Helsinki 3.–4.5.2018

2017 My beloved ones. Presentation in Floating Peripheries consortium opening seminar, Magito Studio Helsinki 7.11.2017

2016 Peripheral scenographies. Paper in Performance Studies International (PSi) Conference #22 Performance Climates, Melbourne University 8.7.2016

2016 Landscape scenographies. Presentation with Dorita Hannah, Alice Lewis, Emma Shephard-Simms, Katrina Simon & Sean Coyle in Performance Studies International (PSi) Conference #22 (Performance+Design_Working Group panel), Melbourne University 7.7.2016

2015 Città aperta. Presentation in "Expanded Scenography" seminar in Theatre Research Society seminar, 8.12.2015 Aalto ARTS

2015 Politics of senses and everyman's urban space. Conference presentation in "Politics of participation and spatialities of politics" panel. Urban Studies Days (Kaupunkitutkimuksen päivät) conference, Tampere University 11.–12.5.2015

2015 Finnish showcase, Performance Design in Finland. Invited speech, TINFO/Theatre Info Finland in the Centre for Practice as Research in Theatre Tampere, 9.8.2014

2014 Arcitectures of touch. Media scenographies in and as performative space.

Presentation at Researcher’s Breakfast seminar. Aalto ARTS Media Factory, 2.2.2014

2014 Architectures of Touch and the politics of senses. "Spacing Performance Symposium”.

Roskilde University and Aalto ARTS, at the Danish Institute of Rome, Italy 6.–13.1.2014

2012 Virtuality Touching. ”Virtual and Multimedial Performance Ecologies” Conference. DREX/Centre for Practice as Research, Tampere University with Aalto ARTS, ELO-Scenography), Helsinki 13.1.2012

2011 Taking Phantom Ache for Real. Prague Quadrennial 2011 Seminar on contemporary Finnish Scenography. Organized by Finnish Oistat Centre, Prague CZ 15.6.–26.6.2011

2010 Scenography lived. “Scenography Expanding Symposium: On Spectatorship.” Riga, Latvia 25.-26.2.2010. Part of Prague Quadrennial 2011 “Intersection: Intimacy and Spectacle” symposia.

2009 Virtuaalikuvallisuus ja kosketus (Virtual Imaginality and Touch). In ”Teorian käytäntö” (Practice of Theory) Conference organized by Society for Cultural Studies in Finland, Jyväskylä 11.–12.12.2009

2009 Re-reflecting history: Images white-washed. In “How Art Performs History” Seminar organized by The Finnish Theatre Research Society in collaboration with the Estonian Theatre Research Society, Tallinn 27.–28.11.2009

2009 Calculations: hands & being taught by the horsie—On kinaesthetic empathy.

”Joint Research Day in Artistic Research” organized by the Figures of Touch research project, TUTKE and the Department of Postgraduate Studies of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Theatre Academy, Helsinki, 28.10.2009

2008 Virtuality and haptic visuality. “Interregnum #14—In-between States” Conference, Performance Studies International (Psi). In panel “Ruptures, Crises and Paradoxes—about the shifting visibility of the performance” by Maiju Loukola,  Pilvi Porkola (Live Art and Performance studies TeaK) and Tomi Humalisto (Dept. Of Lighting and Sound Design TeaK). University of Copenhagen, Dept. for Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen DK, 20. –24.8.2008.

2008 Potential stages of virtuality. “ReSEARCH: Designing Performance—Performing Design” Conference organized by Finnish Oistat Centre & Oistat International Research Commission. Theatre Academy Helsinki, Dept. of Sound & Lighting Design, 6.6.–9.6.2008

2007 Experiencing Images. “Transliteracy: The History and Theory of Scenography—interdisciplinary making and reading of Images” symposium by Prague Quadrennial & Scenography International. Prague, CZ 14. –24.6.2007

2007 Dwellings in Image-Spaces. “Different Directions Symposium: Modes of Spectating”.

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK, 30.3.2007

2006 Transpatiality and Performative Space. “Performing Places Seminar: Media and embodiment in urban environment”. USED (Urban Spaces and Experience Design), m-cult, Theatre Academy Helsinki, Aalto ARTS Dpt. of Media, Media lab and HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology). Helsinki, 7.-9.11.2006

2006 Video and the Performance Space—ontological approach on video in the black box in Digitalisation and “New Media in Performance” WG, in “Global vs. Local” FIRT/IFTR Conference (International Federation for Theatre Research), Helsinki University, 7. –12.8.2006

2005 Room, Scenery. Study on transparency in performance. “Combining Art and design Practices with Research” Conference, Aalto ARTS, School of Design. Helsinki, 12. –13.9.2005




2020 Organiser, reviewer and moderator in "Peripheries in Parallax 2021" Conference and Art Event series (January–April 2021) (in preparation)

2019 Organiser, reviewer and chair in “Floating Peripheries Conference I: Sites and Situations”. Organised by the FP project, in University of Lapland, 14–16 Jan 2019

2017 Organiser, chair in “Floating Peripheries – mediating the sense of place”Opening seminar of the  consortium, funded by the Academy of Finland (2017–2021),Helsinki 7.11.2017

2011 Co-organiser of ”Art Research Event # 4: Samuel Weber’s visit in Helsinki. Figures of Touch with Media Aesthetics Research Group, Aalto ARTS. Head of coordination Mika Elo. Helsinki 13–17 Dec 2011

2011 Organiser and moderator of Prague Quadrennial 2011 "Living Room" Seminar of contemporary Finnish scenography (with Mia Kivinen). Prague, Chechia 15–26 June 2011

2010 Co-organiser of “Contact points — Questions for Jean-Luc Nancy” Seminar.

Seminar and workshop on the thought of Jean-Luc Nancy. Organized by Figures of Touch research project with Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (Tutkijakollegium). Helsinki 12–13 April 2010

2009 Co-organiser of “How Art Performs History” Seminar. Finnish Theatre Research Society in collab. with Estonian Theatre Research Society. At the Finnish Institute in Estonia, Tallinn 27–28 Nov 2009

2008 Organiser and chair of ”ReSEARCH: Designing Performance Performing Design" symposium. Finnish Oistat C. & Oistat International Research Commission. Theatre Academy Helsinki, 6–9 June 2008


2017 Organiser and moderator of Floating Peripheries opening seminar. Magito Studio Helsinki 7 Nov 2017

2014 Curator, coordinator and moderator of ”WEATHER STATION symposium” on the performative potential of sound and sound art in contemporary performing arts. MUU Gallery, Helsinki 9 Oct 2014

2011 Co-organiser of ”Art Research Event # 1: Cocktail Navigator—Mapping the Senses of Touch”. Figures of Touch. Responsible coordinator: Mika Elo. Aalto ARTS, Helsinki 20 May 2011

2009 Co-organiser of ”Joint Research Day in Artistic Research” by TeaK/ TUTKE, Figures of Touch & the Dept of Post-grad. Studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Responsible coordinator: Esa Kirkkopelto. Theatre Academy, Helsinki 28 Oct 2009

2009 Co-organiser of ”Figures of Touch” Project ”Kick off” Seminar. Aalto ARTS, Helsinki 26 May 2009



Grants for doctoral studies:

2012: Niilo Helander Foundation, 1-year research grant

2007: The Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR), 1-year research grant

2006: The Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR), 1-year research grant

Grants for artistic, editorial and curatorial work, research visits and residencies:

2019: Aalto ARTS grant, 2000 € for project (materials) in Research Pavilion #3, Venice IT

2017: Aalto ARTS grant, 3000 € for exhibition in Research Pavilion #2, Venice IT

2014: Jenny ja Antti Wihuri foundation, 9000 € SÄÄASEMA – äänen esitykselliset muodot exhibition, MUU Gallery 2.–12.10.2014. For curating and realising the exhibition

2013: Jenny & Antti Wihuri 9000 €. For curating Prague Quadrenniale 2015 exhibition. Group grant for 3

2013: Aalto ARTS grant, 600 € for exhibition visit to Camden Arts Center, London. (Film in Space exhibition of expanded cinema, curated by Guy Sherwin)

2010: Arts Council of Finland, 7000 € for editorial work/exhibition publication

2009: Arts Council of Finland, 5000 € for organising PQ2011 exhibition and seminar

2007: The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture/AVEK, 3500 € media art grant

2006: Aalto ARTS grant, 800 €, travel expenses to Oistat conference in Seoul, South Korea

2004: Aalto ARTS grant, 3000 € for artistic work

2003: The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture/AVEK, 3000 € for workshop attendance

1999: Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, 10 000 mk for artistic work


2015: 1st Award in ”Media in Performance”, Prague Quadrennial exhibition (the national Finnish exhibition Weather Station)

2015: Nomination (shortlisted as one of the best three) for Prague Quadrennial main award “Golden Triga”



A. Scientific articles and chapters

2020        “Reclaiming Subjectivity – People’s Architecture as emancipatory urban space project.” In Performing Institutions: Reimagining their Places, Politics, Practices & Pedagogies. Eds. S. Janssen, O. Harsløv. (in-process, published end-2020)

2020       "From Foaming Exercises to scenarios of emancipatory coexistencies", in RUUKKU Studies in Artistic Research (, with documentation of an artistic process in RUUKKU:

2018        “A Little Distance, Please – On The Relationship Between Mediality and Touch”. In Figures of Touch. Sense, Technics, Body. Elo, M. & Luoto, M. (eds.). Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Vol. 12, p. 121–152 (Co-authors: Gröndahl, L., Elo, M., Santanen, S., Kirkkopelto, E., Laakso, H., Luoto, M., Nancy, J-L. & Parisi, D.)

2017        "Eripuran tiloissa" [In dissensual spaces]. In Jacques Rancière ja erimielisyyden näyttämöt. Politiikka, oikeus, taide. [Jacques Rancière and the scenes of dissensus. Politics, justice, art.] Ed. Anna Tuomikoski. Helsinki: Tutkijaliitto, 183–198.

2017        "Flying backwards into the future". In Futures of Artistic Research. At the Intersection of Utopia, Academia and Power (Venice proceedings). Eds. Jan Kaila, Anita Seppä and Henk Slager. Helsinki: Writings from the Academy of Fine Arts (05) 2017, University of the Arts Helsinki.

2016        "Weather Station: expedition in search of the climatological and performative potential of sound and sound art in the expanded field of scenography." In Theatre and Performance Design journal, Vol 2, 2/2016.  Collaborative article written with four artists of the Finnish exhibition in PQ15. London: Routledge, 103–126.

2014        ”Vähän väliä. Näyttämö, mediaalisuus, kosketus.” [Stage, Mediality and Touch] in

                  Kosketuksen figuureja [Figures of Touch]. Ed. Mika Elo. Helsinki: Tutkijaliitto

2014        ”Screening Media Scenographies.” In Näyttämö & tutkimus publication series, vol. 5: Teatteri ja Mediat  [Theatre and media]. Eds. Häti-Korkeila, Roihankorpi, Kortti, Maukola, Järvinen. Helsinki: Theatre Research Society

2009        ”Dwellings in Image-Spaces” in Modes of Spectating. Edited by Alison Oddey and Christine White. Bristol/Chicago: Intellect Books, 197–207.

2009        ”Virtuaalisen piirtymisestä.” [Virtual traces] In Näyttämö & tutkimus publication series, vol. 3: Näkyvää ja näkymätöntä [Visible and invisible]. Eds. Laura Gröndahl, Teemu Paavolainen & Anna Thuring. Helsinki: Theatre Research Society, 69–90.

2006        ”Murtumia esitystilassa.” [Fractures in performance space] In Näyttämö & tutkimus publication series, vol. 2: Liikkeitä näyttämöllä [Movements on Stage]. Helsinki: Theatre Research Society/Helsinki University Press, 108–127.


B. Other articles and texts

2017        "Out 2 – kokeellinen liikkuvan kuvan kollektiiviteos nykyisen ja menneen ajan leikkauspisteitä jäljittämässä." [Out 2 – an experimental collective moving image artwork tracing down the intersections of now and past]. A collective article by Harri Laakso, Maiju Loukola, Henna Herranen, Matti Tanskanen and Saara Kanerva Tamminen. In Lähikuva journal theme number "Ilmaisu, estetiikka ja tyyli" [expression, aesthetics and style], Vol. 1:2017, 76–87.

2014        ”Weather Station – sounding sound.” Essay in Blue Pages Journal, 2014:2. London: The Society of British Theatre Designers, 16–18.

2011        ”Tableau Vivant Scenography”. In Staging thinking. Articles and Essays on Contemporary Finnish Scenography. Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2011 exhibition publication. Eds. Loukola & Kilpeläinen. Research articles and artists’ essays ed. by Loukola. Helsinki: Oistat Centre Finland 2011, 16–17.


C. Scientific books (monographs)

2014        Vähän väliä – näyttämön mediaalisuus ja kosketuksen arkkitehtuuri [Anywhere Near – mediality on stage and the architectures of touch]. Helsinki: Aalto ARTS Doctoral Dissertations 40/2014. (Approved with distinction.)


D. Edited books or special issue of a journal

2020.       Editor of PERIPHERIES IN PARALLAX publication/article anthology, with Mari Mäkiranta and Jonna Tolonen. (published in 2021)     

2020.       Co-editor of RUUKKU Studies in Artistic Research, theme issue: Slowness and Silence, Inertia and Tranquility. Eds. Maiju Loukola, Jaana Erkkilä-Hill and Eija Timonen.  (published early 2021)    

2019        Co-editor of RUUKKU Studies for Artistic Research, theme issue #13: Peripheries. Eds. Maiju Loukola, Eija Timonen and Mari Mäkiranta.

2017        Co-editor of Taidetutkimus – taiteen ja tutkimuksen leikkauskohtia theme number. In Tiede & Edistys journal, Vol. 2017:4 (the first number on artistic research in the multidisciplinary journal in humanistic sciences and art research Tiede & edistys journal [Science & progress]). Eds. Mika Elo, Maiju Loukola and Tuija Kokkonen

2015        Editor of Weather Station exhibition catalogue for Prague Quadrennial 2015. Including excerpts from "Thinking out loud" anthology, ed. and transl. by Heidi Soidinsalo.

2012        Co-editor of Näyttämöltä tutkimukseksi. Esittävän taiteen metodologiset haasteet. (Staging Research. Methodological Challenges in Research in Performing Arts.) In Näyttämö & tutkimus, Vol. 4. Eds. Liisa Ikonen, Hanna Järvinen and Maiju Loukola. Helsinki: Theatre Research Society publication series

2011        Editor of Staging Thinking. Articles and essays on Contemporary Finnish Scenography, Sound &Lighting Design, exhibition publication; research articles and artists’ essays, Prague Quadrenniale 2011. Research articles and essays edited by Maiju Loukola. Helsinki: Oistat Centre of Finland, 2011

2010        Member of editorial staff in Man from the Square Peg Faculty (Mies väärästä tiedekunnasta). Eds. Janne Porttikivi and Jussi Tiihonen. Editorial staff: Niko Aula, Jari Kauppinen, Maiju Loukola, Sami Santanen. Helsinki: Loki kirjat 2010

E. Public artistic activities (SELECTED)   

2019        INSTALLATION: Foaming Exercises, in the Research Pavilion #3: Research Ecologies, Venice, Italy, May–August 2019

2019        INSTALLATION, PERFORMANCE: Dance. It's the natural order. In “Floating peripheries Conference Sites and Situations Art Research Event”, curated by Pia Euro, Rovaniemi, January 2019

2018        INSTALLED OUTCOME OF A COLLABORATIVE SESSION: weS.A.N.K. (Speculative Architectures of Neganthroposcenic Kronotopias) Helsinki, 2-6 March 2018 at Uniarts' ETLAB. Organised by Vincent Roumagnac & Emanuelle Chiappone-Piriou, with invited artists and artist-researchers: Henna-Riikka Halonen, Outi Condit, Edvine Larssen, Maiju Loukola & Tuomo Rainio

2017      INSTALLATION: UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Site-specific installation (stairs, video projection, taped floor, light beamers) as materialisation operation of research topics in the Floating Peripheries – mediating the sense of place research project opening seminar. Magito Studio Helsinki 7.11.2017

2017        INSTALLATION: INTO THE. Moving image installation (video on silk, fan, mirrors) by 3 scenographers' group exhibition Night Pieces (Dark Matters) (Ikonen, Lifländer, Loukola), 18.–27.8. 2017

Sala del Camino, Venice IT. Part of the Research Pavilion #2: The Utopia of Access -exhibition


Collective artwork/a multi-channel moving image installation by 20 authors. As original inspiration for this experimental work that combines collective methods and performative elements with "oulipian" ideas, has been Jacques Rivette's enigmatic 13-hour film Out 1 – Noli me tangere (1971). Research Pavilion#2: The Utopia of Access, Sala del Camino, Venice IT, 18.–27.8.2017

2017        PARTICIPATION IN COLLECTIVE ARTWORK (EXHIBITION AND PUBLICATION) THE TRUTH ABOUT FINLAND. Collective artwork in which the polished truth of a nation celebrating its 100-yrs BD is challenged. Curated by Porin Kulttuurisäätö (Anna Jensen, Eliisa Suvanto and Anni Venäläinen). Kallio Kunsthalle 3.–22.6.2017 and in Pori 10.–16.7.2017. Totuus Suomesta / The Truth About Finland publication was exhibited also in Titanik Gallery Turku, Pori Art Museum, and in Khaos Publishing Helsinki.


In >p.s. peripherical scenes miniFESTIVAL>. Incl. twitter account for a whale (born in 1851), periscope live stream, 2 tablets, projection, water and mold. Aalto ARTS, Helsinki 28.–29.1.2016


Sources of inspiration: a song by Depeche Mode and an early work by Joan Jonas. Incl. video, animal figures, straight line, acrylic paint, spotlights. Collaboration/duett with sound artist-researcher Taina Riikonen. Space Invaders III, curated by Anna Jensen and Eliisa Suvanto. Otaniemi Espoo 14.–17.5.2015

2013        SERIES OF WIND INSTALLATIONS: Sensable Screening: projection SCULPTURES.

TESTing2013 artistic research workshop, Cardiff 9.–13.9.2013


Art Research Event # 3: Experimental Event, Aalto ARTS' Pori Art and Media with the Figures of Touch research project. Porin Puuvilla, Generator gallery 29.–30.9.2011

2009        LECTURE PERFORMANCE: Calculations: hands & being taught by the horsie

—On kinaesthetic empathy. Artistic Research Day by Theatre Academy Research Center/TUTKE, Figures of Touch and Academy of Fine Arts Doctoral studies. Theatre Academy, Helsinki 28.10.2009

2007        THEATRE PERFORMANCE: ELOONJÄÄNEET / SILENT SURVIVORS. Space/visualisation/videos.  

With Kuriton Company, dir. Minna Nurmelin and composer Timo Muurinen. Kiasma Theatre 2007

2007        2-CHANNEL VIDEO WORK: was/here (7”). Concept and editing. Videography Heikki Färm, performer Laura Pietiläinen. Screenings: Illusion exhibition, Cable Factory Helsinki -06 and PQ2007, Prague, CH

2005        PERFORMANCE: Bodies Are No Good. Space/visualisation/videos.

                  Collab. with Oblivia. Concept: group. Performers: Timo Fredriksson, Riikka Theresa Innanen, Magnús Logi Kristinsson (ISL), Anna Krzystek (UK), Annika Tudeer. Cable Factory Helsinki 2005


Space/visualisation/costumes. Dir. and dram. Johanna Ropponen. Videos: Jukka Mantere, Johanna Ropponen, Maiju Loukola. Lights: Ainu Palmu. Q-Teatteri/ Puoli-Q, Helsinki 2004

2003        PERFORMATIVE INSTALLATION: Summer/for pass-byers. Videos/space.

Collaboration with Oblivia and Johanna Ropponen(Hammarberg). Performers: Annika Tudeer & Fabian Silen. Verandan at Lasipalatsi. Helsinki 2003.

2002        Theatre performance: Scacco Pazzo. Space/visualisation. Dir. Minna Nurmelin. Text: Vittorio Franscheschi. Lilla Teatern, Helsinki 2002

2000        THEATRE PERFORMANCE: SUDENMORSIAN / BRIDE OF THE WOLF. Space/visualisation/videos.

Dir. Minna Nurmelin. In the name role (Aalo): Marjaana Kuusniemi. Kajaani City Theatre 2000

2000        Theatre performance: TEN COMMANDMENTS. Space/visualisation/costume. Collaboration with dir. Minna Nurmelin and Theatre Gorgo. Text: Krogerus, Numminen, Keski-Vähälä, Härkönen, Rasila & Piiroinen. Stoa, Helsinki 2000

1999        Theatre performance: RED APPLE. Space/visualisation/costume. Dir. and dram. Minna Nurmelin. Performer: Maria Öller. Text: Philippe Gaulier. Jurkka Theatre, Helsinki 1999

1999        FILM 60” (35mm): SLOW AT HEART / KUNINGAS HIDAS. Scenography/production design.

Dir. Saara Saarela, cinematography Jarkko T. Laine. Blind Spot Pictures 1999

1999        Theatre performance: KAIKKI NAISET NÄKEVÄT UNIA / ALL WOMEN SEE DREAMS

Space/visualisation/costume. Dir. and dramaturgy Katariina Numminen, lighting design Max Wickström. Takomo Theatre Helsinki 1999 

1998        Theatre performance: My Heart Belongs To Daddy—symptoms and autobiographical documentaries. Space/visualisation. Dir. and dram. Katariina Numminen. Performers: Kolina Seppälä and Niina Hosiasluoma. Ateneum Hall, National Gallery Helsinki 1998

1998        Dance performance: PUISTA. Space/visualisation/costume. Choreography Kirsi Saastamoinen, composer-sound designer Janne Teivainen. Aalto ARTS ELO and Teak in Tampere Theatre 1998

1997        SCENOGRAPHY EXHIBITION: Scenobox 2000. Joint exhibition by Aalto ARTS ELO-Scenography and Riga Art Academy. Homo Novus -festival & Riga Thatre Museum, Latvia 1997

1995        Theatre performance: Hystera. Space/visualisation/costume. Direction and dramaturgy Katariina Numminen. TeaK & TaiK production, Helsinki 1995

1995        DANCE FILM 45" (35MM): SIRPALESATU. Scenography/production design. Dir. Saara Cantell, cinematography Rauno Ronkainen, choreography Paula Tuovinen. TaiK & TeaK 1995